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This is a short meditation that can be practiced anywhere. This exercise is a way of being mindful in the moment, of quieting the mind and body and of becoming an observer thus creating perspective and space for transformation. This practice can help to calm anxiety, to shift emotion and to step into a state of gratitude and awareness.

Enjoy, Alicia

This is a simple practice that can be modified using any materials on hand.

The goal is to observe the current feeling, situation or focus.

The observation and journaling practice will reveal insight and perspective in this moment.

The action, distance and time you are taking for yourself will help to calm and re-set a stressor.

Breathe and embrace a moment for a greater sense of peace and understanding.



The first Restorative life Open-House was a wonderful success!

This is a guided art journaling session from that weekend. I condensed a 90 minute session into an

hour-ish session. If you'd like to give it a try, take your time and pause the video as you stay in your process.

My Art Journal is one of my best friends! It is the place I go to when I am stuck and need inspiration. The creative layers of the art journal quiet my mind , open my heart and allows me the time to listen to my inner wisdom.

I love to share the joy that this creative journey brings to me!

Come explore the inner landscape with color!


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