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Alicia Mooney has always had a curiosity and passion for discovering how the body functions and its relationship to the mind and spirit.

Alicia's deeply intuitive and heart-centered approach towards wellness allows the client's body and energy system to guide the healing process.

She received a Bachelors degree from Alfred University majoring in biology and began broadening her perspective in complementary treatments in response to her brother's cancer diagnosis.

The experience with her brother transformed how Alicia viewed healing. She realized she could feel energy patterns and restrictions within the body's layers and with this new found awareness found her life's work. 

Alicia studied massage with the Ithaca School of Massage as well as cranio-sacral therapy and manual lymphatic drainage with the Upledger Institute.

Alicia has been practicing therapeutic massage and energetic healing since 1997. Her carefully guided and intuitive sessions can include:

deep-tissue massage, shiatsu, myo-fasical release, cranio-sacral therapy, manual lymphatic drainage, chakra and meridian balancing, vibrational healing and Reiki.


Each highly focused session is a time of exploration, restoration, balance and increased vitality. Together practitioner and client create a personalized session addressing individual goals and needs.

Alicia is also an experienced women's circle and retreat leader who combines her love of energy medicine and creativity into a meditative, supportive self-exploration shared in grounded space. Building community, sharing experiences, inspiring self-awareness, as well as teaching self-care, has become a natural extension of her creativity and desire to share her gifts.

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