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Session rates: $95/hr individual

Remote (Zoom/Facetime)

Vibrational Healing

with Alicia


Energetic  healing is described in the ancient traditions (yoga, Qi gong, shamanism, Chinese medicine, and Ayurveda).  We are made up of charged molecules, centers of energy , meridians of energy, fields of influence and intention. Distance energetic balancing is basically ‘tuning’ into the system with attention and intention and creating influence through that connection.


Distant Energy sessions can include many modalities and teachings... cranio-sacral therapy, chakra balancing, meridian balancing ,  teaching self-care accu-pressure, breathing, meditation and Reiki.


Periods of silence allow the session to go deeper into distant energetic attunements and cranio-sacral adjustments of your field.

I stay connected with you through the video session.


This will be a time to grow in awareness and fascination of how connected we are even from a distance!


The session will leave you peaceful, balanced and restored.





Private and Group

Art Journaling

with Alicia


Add the restorative practice of creative expression into your self-care tool box!

Each color-filled, meditative and symbolic session is cultivated just for you...

No Artistic experience necessary!

In fact...if your inner-voice shouts out that

" I am not creative...this is not for me"...

it is exactly for you!

Creativity , color and symbolic expression is a wonderful way to open up the energy centers in the body, mind and spirit as well as  giving the body an opportunity to reveal it's hidden secrets and insights for a deeper understanding of ourselves.

This is not about painting a pretty is using color, imagery, words and community as a tool of healing.


Music and centering practices will set the tone and intention will guide the journey of excavating your inner landscape...revealing those 'Ah Ha' moments that create transformation and release.


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