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Susan Shanley, MSW

specializes in matters of the heart and spirit. As a wellness coach, Susan offers a collaborative, strengths-based approach and a variety of strategies for developing your inner guidance and self-healing capacities. Her approach is holistic and eclectic. 

Through decades of assisting individuals on their paths, Susan has learned to integrate creative work, energy modalities such as Energy Psychology and Eden Energy, and other practices such as meditation, deep relaxation exercises, breathing techniques, and more.

Her intent is to listen deeply, and to share empowering tools to help you break through blocks, enhance performance and self-esteem, and become more resilient and joyful.

In addition to individual coaching sessions, Susan offers classes, workshops, and retreats. She has been inspired by the vitality and teachings of the natural world to work with groups in retreat settings in the mountains, on islands, and by lakes and rivers. Susan loves bringing people together to explore their spiritual, healing, and creative sides.

Susan's  love of nature, the influence of her healer-grandmothers, and her background in fine arts, social work, and holistic health all positively shape sessions.


Whatever challenges you may face, whatever level of growth or balance you seek, Susan's wish is to provide a supportive environment and resources personalized to your needs.

To Susan, art speaks an international language and is one of the most effective cultural ambassadors in the world today. As a collaborative muralist, she leads occasional mural projects around the world that celebrate the natural world and world cultures!

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