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Schedule for December 4th-6th


Thank-you for Participating!!!

Please join into the scheduled class 5 minutes early to get settled. Classes will begin on time...if you are late it's ok(please come). Technical questions with Zoom can be text in the chat and I'll do my best to address them.Please keep muted on Zoom unless directed to un-mute. Questions may be taken with some of the sessions. It's nice for practitioners to see faces however if you are feeling like you need to shut off your video that is ok too. This is your time to explore. Always listen to the needs of your body...if a movement does not feel good for you modify or stop the movement and find what feels good to you.

...See items you may need for your weekend below...

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Self-Healing Heart Chakra Meditation. Wo

Materials needed for your Weekend

Create a space for self-care

~Create a quiet and private space

to participate in a class

( post a sign for the family to remind them you've set aside time for yourself)

wear loose and comfortable clothing, enhance your space with a candle, incense, a favorite blanket, affirmations, a journal and favorite writing tool, a yoga mat or towel , a pillow to be comfortable on the floor, a cup of tea and water and anything that feels nourishing to you!

~ For the Art Journaling Class

(keep it simple! this is a use what you have creative process)

suggested materials: a candle, a cup of tea, an art journal (the bigger the better )or a big piece of white paper or you can use your writing journal, pencil, colored pencil, colored markers, pens, a kids water color strip, paint brush, bowl of water for paint brushes, paper towel, bubble wrap, cut out magazines pictures, glue stick, craft paint ( stick to 3 colors), oil pastels etc. We will use what you have on hand or your local dollar store has all you need.

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