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Alicia Mooney ~ Director of Restorative Life

Our Goal
The practitioners and clients of Restorative Life™ realize that a sense of community is especially important during the times of Covid 19. We strive to create a safe environment in our digital offerings as well as our in-person services.

Restorative Life is a growing collective of Holistic Health practitioners sharing a passion for exploring self-growth and self-empowerment through self-care. Practitioners from the fields of Massage, Ayurveda, Psycho-therapy and Vibrational Healing join with Artists offering creative and vibrant mind/body/spirit consultations,sessions,classes and programs that are available in-person and on-line.

Restorative Life is committed to responding to the changing times and is excited to be refining the art of distant-therapeutic modalities of healing. Our heart-centered collective is here to empower you along your journey into restored well-being and balance in mind, body and spirit.

Join us in this creative self-care quest!

Restore physical vitality, a peace-filled heart and an exuberant spirit today!


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